Let’s face it. Time is money. The longer you allow water to sit and ‘pool’ in areas it doesn’t belong, the more you place your business at ‘risk’ and the more you place your livelihood on the line. That’s why we progressively keep our trucks ‘locked n’ loaded’ ready-to-go so we can be on-location in less than an hour in some cases.

Water infiltration is ‘not’ a game. Next to fire it’s one of the biggest destructions of businesses. Even with insurance if you allow the damage to become ‘too’ extensive that’s like lettinga  fire burn until it dies itself out. Eventually the water will subside but the damage would be so extensive that the only choice you’ll have is to shut down your business. Insurance may recover your building but it won’t recover lost time, productivity or potential profit.

Why Call The Royal Fire & Water Damage Restoration Experts?

Our IICRC-backe technicians are thoroughly trained, experienced and ready to be quickly deployed.

We have an arsenal of professionally-graded, state-of-the-art equipment we’ve invested heavily in to ensure proper restoration takes place.

We have the manpower to restore large scale businesses, apartment complexes, hotels, storefronts, hospitals and more.

We itemize and secure contents for all of your equipment, furniture, and appliances so to either prevent or reduce any further water damage.

We work DIRECTLY with your insurance carrier so YOU don’t have to. It’s far more important you focus on more important matters of your business establishment.

Ultimately, there’s virtually no reason for you ‘not’ to contact us immediately for your estimate.

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