Can’t live with it…

DEFINITELY don’t want to live with it.

It’s one of nature’s hidden nuisances and as soon as it’s spotted it must be dealt with IMMEDIATELY!

Our professionals not only decontaminate the infested area(s), we clean and replace insulation where necessary.

Here’s How It’s Done:

First, we physically remove the mold, cutting off at the legs the source from where it originated.

The source, as is most often the case, is typically located in your HVAC system. When air ‘blows’ through contaminated air ducts mold quickly spreads in all areas. This process is the most challenging and physically demanding requiring expert maneuvering to do right consistently.

Second, we run a thorough diagnostics test to determine the best solution in destroying the microscopic parasitic spores contained in the environment. We leave ‘nothing’ at this point left to chance.

Lastly, after our licensed contractor has removed every last trace of mold in the affected area(s) restoring air quality in your home, you’ll be guided on best practices to maintain the work we’ve done on your behalf step-by-step to prevent mold from showing up again ‘unannounced’.

We also test the quality of air in your home to determine if there’s excess humidity. Too much and it encourages mold growth. In this instance we’d recommend one or a number of dehumidifiers to in efforts to discourage it’s persistent growth.

As a licensed and certified mold abatement specialist we adhere by all the Berkley City Department of Health guidelines  for assessment and remediation service providers.

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