Has your floor been overrun with water lately? Are your drywalls tainted? If so, there’s none other to call but our team of professionals!

When water ‘invades’ your living or commercial space it causes wood to prematurely rot, soak furniture and personal belongings, create mold posing a health threat and even compromise the structural integrity of the building.

If left untreated to ‘air out on its own’, you’re going to have one MASSIVE home repair bill on your hands. So big, in fact, that insurance companies may not accept it as reasonable repairs, leaving you to foot most if not all of the repair costs. This is one situation you don’t want to find yourself trapped in.

Here are a few useful tips when dealing with water in your living or commercial space:

** Do NOT use standard vacuums of ANY KIND to remove water. This poses a SERIOUS risk of electrocution and ‘shock’ that, under the right circumstances, can be grounds for an emergency situation

** Avoid using electrical appliances of any kind while on wet carpets or hardwood floors. In fact, unplug everything and disable the main circuitry so as not to cause a potential fire hazard. You never want to enter a room with standing water while the electricity is still operating.

** Do NOT hesitate to call us for water damage restoration professional assistance. Shrinkage, mold, bacteria and other related damage begins to set in within HOURS of contact.

** We’re here to help you work with your insurance company so you get the maximum benefit possible and the best quality repairs. We bill your insurance directly and stay in contact with them so you don’t have to.

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